Different is good. Normal is boring.

3 thoughts on “Different is good. Normal is boring.”

  1. I often feel as though the values that we uphold within church communities, are not so much the values of the Gospel but are values that evolved over the years in the church. I have a bitterness towards Christians that tell me that I should have a “stable job” because if I work hard I will be blessed. This idea of a prosperity gospel (note the little “g”) sits juxtaposed to the Gospel and Christ who said that the meek, the peacemakers, the poor in spirit and those who hunger and thirst for righteousness are blessed (Matthew 5). I think there is merit to hard work, but I don’t think that simply working hard to have a comfortable life is what God calls us to do. And I bet Jesus when told us we should clothe the naked, feed the hungry, and visit those in jail, He knew it wouldn’t pay well.

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    1. I 600% agree, I think the idea of losing everything for the sake of the cross has been lost and replaced with the idea of safety and stability. The church worships itself and covets its building and growth in numbers but it’s not looking at nurturing mature Christians to follow the call of the Great Commission. We’re too safe and worried about it. We’re a church of worshipping the idea of the church but we aren’t the Church God intended. There’s still more to everything we know and what the Church can be and it’s beyond the four walls of a sanctuary.

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  2. I’ve found that my church community really celebrates people going on short-term mission trips and there’s a lot of talk about “these people [in a developing country] have nothing but they have JOY and LOVE and PEACE, that’s all they NEED”, but when some people found out that indev is what I wanted to do *forever* it was shocking!!!! and how will I support my parents when they get old???? and is it safe for me to move to or visit other countries??
    I always wondered why it was okay for the people in a developing country to have nothing but joy and love and the peace of God but it’s weird that I’m willing to give up my privilege and survive on the same? It’s not easy to explain to my own immigrant community how burdened I am by the relative luxury and excess I grew up in and how I’m not comfortable with the idea of not using my privilege and my access to resources to empower other people. How lucky are we that we have such wonderful and hard-working but most of all supportive parents standing behind us!

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