The Spirit of Things

2 thoughts on “The Spirit of Things”

  1. The only real disadvantage to owning an electric car (other than the price, although there are many government subsidies) is the mileage and lack of infrastructure (which is slowly changing). Even still it may never be viable to drive an electric car outside of urbanized areas that can afford to install electric charging stations. However this only applies to a small percentage of people (Sales people, travelling consultants), for a small duration of time (vacations, road trips, etc.).

    We don’t need to abolish gasoline cars, we just need electric vehicles to capture a larger share of the market, which they have slowly been doing.

    And a Tesla S spanks American Muscle!!


    1. Well, considering that an estimated 70% of the world is going to be urbanized in the next 3 decades, it’s important to consider what that means for the world. If we’re thinking about sustainability and the environment, we’re going to definitely need to reconsider the importance of weaning off fossil fuels. It may be impossible to abolish gasoline cars but it’s a direction we need to head to.
      A lot of things may not be feasible right now, but we have to change our thinking that it will one day be possible. It’s the kind of future that I’m looking forward to and am hopeful for!

      p.s. I like both, but American Muscle cars are beautiful in a way that sports cars just aren’t 🙂 imo


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