A Taste of Nepal: The Persistent Problem with Pollution

One thought on “A Taste of Nepal: The Persistent Problem with Pollution”

  1. A new post! The rapid growth of a city is also a problem even here in Singapore. Old habits die hard.

    How difficult would it be to have a jar with each of your friend’s names on it and put those wrappers there. Then ask them at the end of the year, ‘would you really be alright if you threw this entire jar on the floor outside right now?’

    Maybe the answer is yes. When there’s no change to your normal life you’re blind to its impact, and it’s hard to change what someone feels is supposed to be normal.

    Thanks for the read!

    Imagine if all those people in that program lived in one crook of Nepal and kept it clean, somewhere upstream. Then conceivably they could have potable water (assuming littering is the main cause and not factory effluent – omg that is probably intense given the attitude there on pollution), which would be a shining example of improved life for all. I mean who doesn’t want drinkable water??

    Of course I understand the government most likely has difficulty with a waste management program as well.


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